About Us

About Us

It's time to make a change

Are you ready to take the music industry by storm? Are you ready to be heard and noticed? We’re looking for artists, MCs, and singers who are ready to join our family of talented artists, so we can help them achieve their dreams.

We’re a new record label founded by three experienced producers from different musical backgrounds. We believe in working with people who share our passion for pushing boundaries, making waves, and leaving an impact on the world through music. We know that you have something special inside of you—something that needs to be heard. And we want to help you find it!

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We're a new record label that's looking to build a family.

We’re looking for artists, MCs and singers who want to join us. We know how hard it can be to get started in the music industry, so we’ve decided to help each other out.

We’re here because we love what we do and want to share that passion with others. We believe in putting your heart into your work and making sure it shines through in every single song you write. And we believe that if you put your heart into something then it will become something truly special—something that people will love forever.

Our Team Members

Our founders are three experienced producers from different musical backgrounds—we know what it takes to create a hit song or album, and we’ll help you do it. We have access to all kinds of resources that will help take your talent to the next level and launch your career into orbit.

Alessandro Siani3 - Junk Flavour Academy
Alessandro Siani
Luca Marra - Junk Flavour Academy
Luca Marra
Andrea Ornetti - Junk Flavour Academy
Andrea Ornetti



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